Thursday, 4 August 2011

Star Ships

A bunch of Space Ships.

The first series of ships were concepts I created for the EVE online contest over at DeviantART. I tried to explore many different shapes with mixed succes.


I chose to make a more detailed side view from the last starship design. The Korean characters are supposed to say something like 'Vanguard 15'.

Vanguard 15

This particular piece I created as an illustration for an Sci-Fi story. One of the goals was to create a believable spaceship, largely consistent with modern day science.

The crew compartments are hidden between the cargo bays for protection. There are sensor arrays and sun collectors on the front; primary and secondary fuel tanks are visible on the exterior; Several unfolded heat radiators can be seen; Lastly, there are propulsion engines to go forward or backward, as well as steering thrusters to go in any other direction.

Shattered Planet

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  1. Good Lord your star ships rock! Don't you dare stop posting gorgeous stuff like this. When I was a kid, one of my favorite illustrators was a guy named Peter Elson - he would sometimes disguise his signature on the markings of his space craft. Your stuff really reminds me of his work.
    Thanks for stopping by the Proserpine site.

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping by, Wren! I love your art! I agree, Peter Elson is pretty darn awesome. I'm a fan of Chriss Foss and his style is extremely similar to Elson's. I took a good look at his art before starting on these, so you were spot on noticing the influence :).